Pawn Fathers is one the region's best firearm dealers. We stock a large inventory of both new and gently used items.

What is new?

Welcome to Pawnfathers


Well, here's what's new! We have a fast moving inventory with lots of turnover, but we can now keep you posted on what's new. Take a look at our inventory pages. There are different pages for Everett and Wenatchee. When a great new item comes in, we will snap a picture just before we put it out. If you check our webpage often, you'll be the first to know when great items are coming out onto the floor! Below is a just a sample of our items and some basic categories of things. To see even more, click over to our inventory page! If you click on a picture, a new window will open, the feed is powered by a service called Rebelmouse. We think you are going to like it!

How It Works

Collateral loans are the safest and easiest loans a consumer can secure. Pawn shops were around long before traditional banks and High Interest Payday Lenders. We offer a unique service that involves your items being used to secure the cash you need and a 90 day period in which you can pick up your item(s) or simply pay the interest due and receive another 90 days as needed. When your item(s) comes due and you are unable or uninterested in paying the interest or picking it up, you can just keep the cash and we keep the item(s). It's just that easy. There's no credit reporting and no hassling phone calls at your work or home. We also buy items outright and you have no further obligation to them.


Layaway is available on all items at Pawn Fathers. This is a great way to reserve a holiday gift with out having to put down a huge chunk of money, but still getting quality merchandise. All you need to do a layaway with Pawn Fathers is an initial 20% of the item's price down and then a series of payments (at least monthly) until the item is paid off. We do many Layaways on items ranging from handguns to gaming consoles. Layaway is a great way to own the things you want, without having to compromise your financial stability.