Our music department is fully stocked with both new and used band and orchestra instruments. From brand new guitars to rare used gems, we have a vast selection of quality items. You can find hundreds of guitars, amps or PA Gear, keyboards, drum sets and much more! We are a Behringer dealer for new items along with Kona and Main Street.

Pawn Fathers also stocks a full line of cords and strings, straps, effects, microphones all accessories etc. Chances are we've got exactly what you're looking for. Come by and check us out as our inventory changes daily.

Behringer B112W wireless/linkable
$299.99 NEW

Taylor 110E
$449.99 Used

Xenyx X1222 16 input mixer
$199.99 New

Behringer PMP1680s 1600watt 10 channel mixer
$449.99 NEW

Kona k41
$89.99 new

Oscar Schmidt
$149.99 New

Behringer floor monitor
$329.99 New

Yamaha SHB400
$499.99 used

Epiphone 1984 Explorer ltd

Fender Telecaster 1984-86

BC Rich Mocking Bird Plus
$299.99 used

Fender Strat mexico

Epiphone SG
$169.99 used

Dean Vendetta
$99.99 used 

Epiphone T-Bird Pro Bass

Fender Squire Strat package
$149.99 new

B.C. Rich KKW
$149.99 used 

Zager ZAD-50 

Main Street American Flag
$79.99 new

Main Street Mexico Flag
$129.99 new

Pearl sensi tone Elite
$249.99 used 

Zildjian 4 cymbal set up
$189.99 new

Kona K41BL
$89.99 new

Guitars and Music gear
New & Used

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